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Gang Green Highlight Reel

NFL: New York Jets at New England Patriots Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Our readers’ and writers’ contributions to this site are a major reason why Gang Green Nation is the best Jets blog in the history of Jets blogs. No contribution, big or small, should go unnoticed. That’s why we’ll highlight some of the best comments and FanPosts on a weekly basis.

Without further ado, I bring to you, Gang Green Nation’s Highlight Reel for the past week:

Top Fanposts:

Comparing Darnold and #2 Pick Trade Draft Hauls

titansfanonce offers an opinion on different strategies going into the offseason.

Food for QB Carousel Thought

_Ed_Edd_Eddie_ discusses the QB situations around the league.

Top Comments:

On the prospect of trading Darnold to the Patriots:

I don’t want to keep Darnold, but trading him to the Patriots is just tempting fate way too much.


Nah, I see it in a different light. Trading Sam to the Patriots would be revenge, a small revenge but still.


On Zach Wilson:

Zach Wilson tape review

(Since I’ve stated here many times I’m moving forward considering Wilson will be our quarterback of the future, so I want to get a good grasp of what is it going to be with him under center in 2021 and forward.) I’m going back to Wilson’s tape for the fourth time (yes, I’m nuts) to see if he’s an upgrade over Darnold in regards to two specific things (in which Sam struggles mightly): Making plays under pressure and deep ball accuracy. Starting with this game vs San Diego State Wilson struggled badly in the first half under pressure. He was 1/6 for 4 yards or so, with two sacks. It gave me pause and if that was all that I saw, I would be very worried. He looked just like Darnold, sailing passes high and not setting his feet in the face of the rush. He could’ve easily been picked once or twice with how badly located his passes were. But then came the second half. He was 4/5 for 95 yards and a touchdown in the face of pressure. He suddenly calmed himself down, made some adjustments and delivered strike after strike against the rush, culminating in a beautiful touchdown to the back of the end zone with a guy in his face. In total, he was 5/11 for 99 yards (roughly), 1 touchdown and no picks. It was a mixed bag. San Diego State is the 2nd best defense he faced this year in PPG across the nation (even though that’s a bad metric given the different schedules) and he played an ok game. His final stats were pretty good 26/35, 303 yards, 3 TDs, no picks. That’s 21/24 from a clean pocket, 204 yards, 2 TDs and no picks. I might legit be starting to think that Wilson’s greatest trait isn’t his “flick of the wrist” ability, nor his improvisation skills, but his ability to adjust and read defenses, going checkdown to touchdown. He really impressed me in this game with how different of a player he looked from the first to the second half. It’s very important to scout Wilson’s under pressure skills. It has been noted here that he wasn’t pressure much (22% of snaps in total), but there are enough snaps to go by and see what he did when he was in fact pressured. So far, one game in, I’d say it’s a positive. No quarterback is going to play perfectly under pressure all of the time. There are plays where you have no chance but to take the sack or throw the ball away. That said, adjusting to it and taking easy completions instead of trying to go deep is a mark of a good quarterback. That’s what happens when you bring the house against guys like Brady and Rodgers. In regards to the deep ball, he didn’t throw it deep much that game (1/2, 31 yards, 0/0), mostly because SD State was dropping everyone, so Wilson just abused the underneath routes over and over. His one completion was a beautiful anticipation back shoulder throw, certainly an “NFL Throw”. I’ll keep watching to share here what I find. Long ways to go still, but I’m liking what I see so far. Cheers!


On the QB decision:

Lupica says the Jets need to make the right decision at QB. Interesting point. I hadn’t thought of that.


On Deshaun Watson:

I honestly think Deshaun Watson sits out the season. Both sides will refuse to give in. If a side does fold, I believe it will be McNair before Watson. All the pressure is on the Texans to field a team in 2021. No pressure on Deshaun who just banks over 60 mil last year and holds the no-trade clause. If they do end up deciding to deal him, here is what I do: Step 1: deal Sam for a 2022 first rounder. This pick will likely carry less value that the two 2nds Philly wants for Wentz. I’d specifically target Chicago because Nagy and Pace are on the hot seat, but any team will do. Step 2: offer the number 2 pick this year and two 1st rounders (out of our three) in 2022. Step 3: remind them that the #2 pick is worth two first rounders, so this is equivalent to the 4 first rounders they want. Then I have a top 5 qb and I’m still picking in the first round (and every other round) in 2021, 2022 and beyond. Do you think that is feasible and if so would you do it?

- newjetera

On Mac Jones and Trey Lance:

Mac’s lack of mobility and Lance’s inconsistent accuracy are the two primary reasons why I think they’re a tier below Fields, Lawrence, and Wilson. I do believe both have the ability to be starters in the NFL, however they couldn’t be more opposite. Mac Jones’ ceiling is Tom Brady, in theory, however there is no evidence that after one year of starting he possesses the mental acuity and consistent accuracy and competitiveness of a Tom Brady. Trey Lance could be a Lamar Jackson and Cam Newton hybrid except with Josh Allen’s arm. But he could also be an excellent TE conversion if he busts. I see little “middle ground” for Lance. Either he becomes a superstar or he busts. His physical talents and size are almost too incredible for me to imagine him being a ho-hum QB like Andy Dalton or even Derek Carr. I also think you have to build your offense to maximize a lot of RPOs similar to what the Ravens did with Lamar Jackson


On the QB situation:


The Jets will be offered more for the #2 pick than they will for Sam. Joe D., sensing an opportunity to overhaul the roster will trade the pick, gaining three additional picks in this draft and another #1 next year, giving Joe three #1’s in the 2022 draft. Sam is not going anywhere. Get ready for it - it’s the right move.


On drafting a WR:

I sincerely hope that someone in the Jets braintrust reads this article. There is little to no first round talent on this team save Becton. Look at this from a different perspective. Would the Jets want to face one of the top wide receivers in this draft twice a year if they played on Miami or even New England? With two picks in the top 18, Miami will most certainly pick a WR to help Tua - if they do not land Watson. In my mind, this is the draft to grab a WR with first round talent. The Jets should drop down (stay in the top 10), gain a second round pick and another first next year, then draft the best WR receiver available with the first round pick.



As you noted, barring a trade down Chase,Smith and Waddle will be gone by #23. I don’t think the next cluster of WR’s are “worth” that picks value over other players that also fit needs. Odd thing is Bateman for whatever the reason has slipped out of RD 1 mocks and Toney has bumped up. I’m not sure I’d take Toney at 23, but I’d take Bateman. For me I think #34 is the likely spot for WR, Be it Bateman, Marshall ,R.Moore, or E. Moore. I actually like waiting to #66 or even #86 depending on how things are shaking out I.e. a run on WR.


So there you have it, Gang Green Nation’s Highlight Reel. Want to be featured next week? Just keep doing what you do, and more importantly, keep being who you are—after all, YOU’RE what makes Gang Green Nation so great!


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