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Jets Podcast: Breaking Down the Offensive Free Agent Class With Michael Nania

NFL: Combine Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

On today’s podcast I am joined by our old friend Michael Nania.

These days Michael is doing some great work at Recently he has examined the upcoming free agent class in the NFL. Today he analyzes which players on the offensive side of the ball might interest the Jets.

There are needs virtually everywhere on the offense. In this episode Michael gives us options at every position. There are high end options at each spot. There also are some potential bargains who might not have as high of a ceiling but also won’t have as high of a price. Joe Douglas’ options on offense should be clear after you listen to this episode.

If you are angry because you also wanted to hear about options on defense, have no fear. Michael will be back on Friday’s podcast to discuss the other side of the ball.

Thanks for listening to the show.