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Daniel Jeremiah’s Mock Draft Sends Zach Wilson to the Jets Boca Raton Bowl - BYU v Central Florida Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

NFL Network’s Daniel Jeremiah has posted his latest mock draft. He has the Jets picking a quarterback with the second overall selection.

2. New York Jets

Zach Wilson · QB

School: BYU | Year: Junior

The Jets have a lot of options here, but I think the decision ultimately comes down to Wilson versus Sam Darnold. With a new head coach, they decide to start fresh at quarterback.

The Jets have a second pick in the first round thanks to the Jamal Adams trade. With this selection Jeremiah has the team looking at upgrading the defensive side of the ball.

23. New York Jets

Ronnie Perkins · Edge rusher

School: Oklahoma | Year: Junior

Perkins is a very productive edge rusher who plays with physicality and tremendous effort.

Obviously more attention will be paid to the Wilson selection. What the Jets will do at quarterback is the topic that will dominate offseason discussion. The Deshaun Watson saga will obviously have a lot to do with the direction of the pick. If the Jets are able to trade for Watson, the second pick will likely be moot as it will belong to Houston. If Watson plays somewhere else in 2021, the question will indeed be whether the Jets pick a replacement for Darnold or stick with him. Like Jeremiah, I am inclined to believe they will make a fresh start.

Some will likely note that Jeremiah worked with Joe Douglas in the Baltimore front office, but I wouldn’t take that to mean he definitively knows how the Jets rank the quarterbacks in this year’s class or whether they like Wilson better than Justin Fields.