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Jets Podcast: Implications of the Matthew Stafford Trade and the QB Market

Minnesota Vikings v Detroit Lions Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

The NFL offseason unofficially began over the weekend. The Lions and the Rams worked out a blockbuster trade sending Matthew Stafford to Los Angeles and Jared Goff and numerous Draft picks to Detroit. As you are probably aware, the 2020 NFL season isn’t even over yet. The Chiefs and the Buccaneers will face each other in the Super Bowl this Sunday. However, an offseason that will be full of player movement has begun.

There are expected to be numerous big changes at the quarterback position this offseason. There is a lack of clarity for most teams in the league, including the Jets. While they were never serious suitors for Stafford, this deal could have implications for the Jets. There is another big name quarterback, Deshaun Watson, who could be available, and the market has now been set.

On today’s podcast we discuss the implications of the Stafford trade and lay out some of the options for the Jets.