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Rumor: Multiple Teams Have Contacted Jets Over Sam Darnold

New York Jets v New England Patriots Photo by Al Pereira/Getty Images

Earlier today we relayed information from Albert Breer in relation to the Jets making a call to Detroit around the availability of Matthew Stafford.

Now uStadium are saying that the Jets have received multiple calls around the availability of Sam Darnold, and although it’s unclear who those calls are coming from and if the talks have progressed past the exploratory stage, the Jets are listening.

The Jets QB situation is going to be an interesting discussion point all off-season. As we’ve mentioned before, the Jets have three options ahead of them:

  1. Stick with Sam Darnold. He had poor weapons, a bad offensive line and a horrible coach. He performed awfully in 2020 and was statistically one of the worst QB’s in the league. Over three years he currently has a completion percentage of 59.6% and has 45 touchdowns to 39 interceptions. He’s still only 23 and some consider him a good fit for this Shanahan style offense.
  2. Trade for Watson. We don’t really need to go into why Watson is such an enticing proposition.
  3. Draft Wilson or Fields and re-set the clock on the rookie contract. Use your draft capital and salary cap space to surround the rookie with talented individuals and build from there.

I don’t think the Jets have fully decided what they’re going to do. I don’t think they’re committed to Sam, I think if the right deal presented itself then Joe Douglas would pull the trigger. In short, Sam hasn’t done enough to make you believe he’s worth the expensive 5th year option, so the Jets absolutely have to listen to any offer that's put on the table.

However, it’s clear that he has admirers in the league and it’s becoming clear that he does have trade value. You have to imagine that the Colts, Washington Football Team, the Panthers and 49’ers are all likely to have an interest in discussing the price of Darnold.

What could we expect in return? That’s a little unclear, some are suggesting we could get a late first-round selection. Personally, I think it’s more likely to be a 2nd round pick and a conditional 2022 selection based on his performance and re-signing with the team that trades for him, a similar situation to the Leonard Williams trade.

Now, it’s important to point out that just because the Jets are listening, doesn’t mean they’re interested in moving him. We’ve had absolutely no evidence of that, this is all hypothetical. I think logically the Jets would have interest in moving on from Sam, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to happen.