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Jets Week 13 Anti-Game Balls: Jeff Ulbrich and Alex Kessman

NFL: DEC 05 Eagles at Jets Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Jets lost to the Eagles on Sunday, which means we must give out the anti-game ball.

To my great frustration, special anti-game balls have become a regular occurrence. Today I have a first. This performance was so terrible that I am giving out two anti-game balls. One simply cannot capture how dismal the result was on Sunday.

I feel like both the defense and the kicking game need to be honored for their separate failures. Rather than give the anti-game ball to the entire unit, I will single out their coordinator. Normally I try to avoid giving coaches an anti-game ball, but what can you do when the defense allows every drive in the first 58 minutes of the game to end in points? The Jets might be short on talent, but this is the NFL. The players on this roster aren’t as good as the players on most other teams, but there’s no way a team of professionals should be this bad. They can’t even seem to execute basic concepts or communicate out there. For that reason, Jeff Ulbrich gets my first anti-game ball. He hasn’t shown an ability to implement the system the Jets are running.

Just as I can’t ignore such vivid defensive failures, I also can’t look past a kicker whose only contribution was a pair of missed extra points. And that is the entirety of his contribution to the Jets because the team has already moved on from him. Those missed PATs led the Jets to attempt a failed two point conversion after a third touchdown, meaning Alex Kessman cost the team three points. For this reason, Kessman gets my second anti-game ball.

Who gets yours?