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Jets Own the 4th and 5th Picks in the 2022 NFL Draft After Week 13

2021 NFL Draft Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

With five weeks left in the 2021 season, the Jets currently find themselves owning the fourth and fifth selections in the 2022 NFL Draft according to Tankathon.

The fourth pick is the Jets’ own pick. They own the fourth worst record in the league. Detroit at 1-10-1, Jacksonville at 2-10, and Houston at 2-10 have worse records and the first, second, and third picks respectively.

The fifth overall pick was originally Seattle’s and based on the Seahawks’ record. Seattle is tied with Chicago and the Giants at 4-8 but own the fifth pick based on the strength of schedule tiebreaker.

Interestingly the Giants also own Chicago’s pick from the trade in last year’s Draft that landed Justin Fields for the Bears. This sets up an interesting proxy battle between the Giants and the Jets. The performance of Chicago and Seattle over the final five games will impact both New York teams’ Draft position as they battle for higher picks.

For now the Jets are in position to land a pair of top five picks.