All Gas, No Brakes, Some Issues

Okay, let's start off that the Jets ARE a young team, WITH a young staff AND a rookie QB. Everything is screaming young, experienced and a work in progress. Let's throw out the "rebuilding stage". Honestly, every year is a rebuilding year depending on the rookie draft and free agency. It does not matter which team you are talking about, but everyone is rebuilding to a certain point. Some more so than others. The trick is to find a solid core of players who remain year after year and you add the right kind of players to enhance or strengthen whichever unit you are working with. The GM, along with the coaching staff, need to communicate what type of players will make those improvements. Even then it is a crap shoot. Some players, on other teams, have done wonderful things and COULD contribute to the Jets to make them a more competitive team. However, is the chemistry right? Are they egos getting into the way? Can these new players adjust to what is expected of them.

Robert Saleh has a plan, a vision, a way that works for him to turn the program around. He wants to develop his young players by giving them opportunities to learn and grow. You make a mistake, then by God learn from it and don't repeat. I love his mantra of "ALL GAS, NO BRAKES". There is passion for the game and an attitude that should go with winning. However, the all gas, no brakes is like a car speeding out of control with the brake line cut and heading straight into a busy major intersection. Yeah, there are some issues.

The fan base has seen too many times a new coach come in, promise the holy grail and never reaching that plateau. Rex Ryan, bless his heart, came close TWICE in the AFC Championship game. Of course you are going to get the "take the bull by the horns" approach. Adam Gase was the deer in the headlights approach and it definitely showed. Once again, it comes down to the right mixture to make the team competitive, solid and reliable.

C. J. Mosley voiced his frustration and anger about other teams not respecting the Jets. He certainly understood why, but he still didn't like it. As a competitive athlete myself growing up, I certainly can relate to that. That's good though because he is still a competitor and is tired of losing. There should be a player only meeting and have them ALL come up with a way to improve and help each other out. No one is above and beyond thinking that it does not apply to them. The plus side is that the Jets ARE a young team working through a LOT OF BUMPS and BRUISES! If they repeat the same way next year, then there is a major issue that could be beyond repair. I often thought that the organization is cursed. Some player who left the team on a very sour note hexed the organization to be so bad that they can never improve.

Of course, it is still too early to tell if the team is headed on the right course or not. Yes, the Jets have a rookie head coach with a rookie QB. I think it was obvious the writing was on the wall for the last guy, from the beginning, that things were not going well. Perhaps this time around the Jets do stand a better chance to improve, winning games, collect a winning streak and finally get the respect they deserve.

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