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Jets vs Eagles Game Thread

NFL: New York Jets at Houston Texans Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports

It’s week 13 of the NFL season and the New York Jets are hosting the Philadelphia Eagles at MetLife Stadium.

The Jets are coming off a 21 - 14 win over the dismal Houston Texans last week. It was nice to win a game for a change. Now the Jets have an opportunity to string a couple of wins together. That would be a wonderful gift this holiday season.

Wilson and the Jets will face a Philadelphia Eagles team coming off a sluggish 13 - 7 loss against the New York Giants. Prior to that loss the Eagles had been thriving. They had won three out of four games and scored 34.5 points per game in that stretch.

The Eagles will be missing quarterback Jalen Hurts today. Whether that is a blessing or a curse for the Jets remains to be seen. Hurts was spearheading a running attack that averaged 215 yards per game over the last five games. No doubt the Eagles running game will suffer a bit with Hurts out, and since the Jets stink at stopping the run, advantage Jets, right? Well, maybe not. Hurts’ replacement, Gardner Minshew, is not the running threat Hurts is. However, Minshew is a better passer than Hurts. With the Jets currently ranking dead last in the NFL in passer rating allowed, it isn’t at all clear that the Eagles shifting a bit towards the passing game will be a good thing for the Jets. On the bright side, the Eagles have a porous pass defense of their own (27th in passer rating allowed). This may be a chance for Zach Wilson to start to turn things in the right direction.

It’s the New York Jets and the Philadelphia Eagles in a Turnpike Tussle. Please leave your comments in the section cleverly marked “comments” below. Enjoy the game everybody.