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NFL Picks Week 16

New York Jets v Miami Dolphins Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images

According to DraftKings Sportsbook, the New York Jets are 1.5 point favorites at home against the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday. That’s a pretty fair spread. Jets and the Jaguars have been roughly equally ineffective this year. They both have rookie quarterbacks who have been roughly equally bad. The Jets are the home team, so it makes sense they would be favorites. However, the Jets will be missing their head coach and roughly 15 players due to COVID-19. The Jaguars have not been hit nearly as hard. With the Jets missing so many players, I’m guessing they will be even more out of synch than usual. Jaguars over the Jets in an upset special.

Here are my picks for the rest of the NFL matchups this week. These picks are just a simple who wins the game deal. Odds do not factor in. DISCLAIMER: This is just for fun. I make no claims to actually being any good at this. Anyone who chooses to bet according to my picks will likely prove the old maxim, a fool and his money are soon parted.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Carolina Panthers. The Buccaneers are working toward peaking before starting on a playoff run to defend their title. The Panthers are working on draft position. Buccaneers over the Panthers.

Los Angeles Rams at Minnesota Vikings. After a mid-season 3 game losing streak the Rams have gotten things together just in time for the playoffs. The Vikings are no match. Rams over the Vikings.

Los Angeles Chargers at Houston Texans. The Texans have beaten one team not named the Jaguars all year. They won’t make it two. Chargers over the Texans.

New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles have won four out of five and need this game for their playoff hopes. The Giants have lost four out of five and have no playoff hopes. Eagles over the Giants.

Buffalo Bills at New England Patriots. The Bills are looking for revenge for their loss to the Patriots a few weeks ago in Buffalo. They get it, and tie up the Patriots for first place in the AFC East. Bills over the Patriots in an upset special.

Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati Bengals. Under different circumstances this could be a great game. However, with the Ravens missing all their quarterbacks, old friend Josh Johnson gets the call under center for the Ravens. Advantage, Cincy. Bengals over the Ravens.

Detroit Lions at Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons have won only one home game all year. The Lions are suddenly sorta, kinda hottish. Lions over the Falcons in an upset special.


Chicago Bears at Seattle Seahawks. The Bears have only won once since October 10, and that came against a then winless Detroit Lions team. The Seahawks haven’t been much better, but they have Russell Wilson, and the Bears have Justin Fields. I’ll take Wilson. Seahawks over the Bears.

Denver Broncos at Las Vegas Raiders. With Teddy Bridgewater out with a concussion, Drew Lock will start at quarterback for the Denver Broncos. The Raiders have been pretty bad lately, but they should be good enough at home against Lock. Raiders over the Broncos in an upset special.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs are the hottest and perhaps the best team in the NFL. The Steelers are no match. Chiefs over the Steelers.


Washington Football Team at Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys have won 3 straight, primarily because they have gotten 4 defensive turnovers in each game. That’s unsustainable. The Football Team always plays the Cowboys tough. This time they get the upset. Football Team over the Cowboys.


Miami Dolphins at New Orleans Saints. The Saints have the Buccaneers’ number, but otherwise have been pretty awful lately. The Dolphins have been on fire, winners of six straight. Dolphins continue their late push for a playoff spot. Saints continue to slide towards irrelevancy. Dolphins over the Saints.