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Jets fan confidence slightly higher after loss to Dolphins

New York Jets v Miami Dolphins Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images

The Jets lost to the Dolphins last night in a game where they had the better of play in the first half but were dominated in the second half.

How did this impact fan confidence? We can find out by checking with SB Nation Reacts.

What is SB Nation Reacts? Each week SB Nation sends a survey to NFL fans asking their opinion about their respective favorite teams and the league in general.

Despite the AFC East defeat last week, fan confidence in this week’s survey went slightly higher. Last week fan confidence was 50%. This week it is up to 56%.

The fan confidence rating has been relatively steady the last few weeks, making me wonder whether it’s the future fans are optimistic about rather than the current performance. The Jets will have a number of early picks in this year’s NFL Draft hoping to upgrade their young talent base.

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