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Jets Week 14 Anti-Game Ball: Everybody

NFL: DEC 12 Saints at Jets Photo by Joshua Sarner/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Jets lost on Sunday, which means it is time for the anti-game ball to return.

At this point I think it is just time to accept there are no rules for the anti-game ball. It used to be limited specifically to one player who played some significance when the Jets lose. The last few years the Jets have had so many ugly losses that I have had to make exceptions to give out anti-game balls to position groups, entire units, coaches, or the entire team.

Sunday’s loss to New Orleans was yet another ugly loss, and it is difficult to single out one culprit. Zach Wilson was bad enough to merit the anti-game ball on his own despite the normal caveats of trying to avoid the quarterback. Still Wilson did not lose this game on his own. Receivers didn’t make plays that were there to be made. There was also the matter of the defense allowing 203 rushing yards to an opponents whose quarterback had a finger injury that left him barely able to throw. By the way, that quarterback averaged over 8 yards per attempt on screens, dumpoffs, and short passes.

There were some positive standouts for the Jets. The offensive line did well in pass protection. Braxton Berrios did a nice job at receiver and was one of the few targets who did his job effectively. Despite their efforts I am giving this week’s anti-game ball to the entire Jets team. Its was a team wide anti-game ball worthy performance.