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Podcast: Thoughts on Zach Wilson and Where Things Go From Here

Syndication: The Record Kevin R. / USA TODAY NETWORK

On today’s podcast I focus on the struggles of rookie quarterback Zach Wilson.

I would say by almost any measure his first season in the NFL has been a disappointment. For me Sunday was a turning point. I just don’t see any way to find 2021 redeeming for him at this point.

In the first segment I contextualize his struggles. I discuss an article I wrote yesterday that did just that. In the second segment I discuss why we have reached the point where I think the Jets will need to bring in competition for him in 2022. In the final segment I talk about what Zach can show in the final four games to at least end the season on a positive note and alleviate some of the concerns many others and myself have with his performance to date.

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