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Podcast: The State of the Jets Quarterback Room

NFL: London Games-New York Jets Practice Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We had a fall Sunday without the New York Jets losing. That of course is because the team was defeated by the Colts on Thursday Night Football.

Today’s podcast is the rare Monday that isn’t a game recap. There is a lot to talk about, though, namely the quarterback position. Things are currently not settled. Most likely this is a short-term situation. Zach Wilson remains the team’s quarterback of the future, and there isn’t much to suggest that will change. However, the issue of the starter for Sunday’s game against Buffalo has intrigue.

On today’s show I offer my thoughts on the situation. I don’t expect Mike White to continue playing at such a high level, but I think he has earned the opportunity to start until he proves that to be the case. I also discuss Marcus Maye’s season ending injury a bit.

Thanks as always for listening to the show.