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NFL Picks, Week 9

NFL: New York Jets at Indianapolis Colts Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

After a glorious 11-1 record in my first week picking the games, I predictably came crashing back down to earth last week. I finished the week with a miserable 6-8 record, including 1-2 in my upset specials. The best prediction I made last week was when I said this:

I went 11-1 [the first week], and got all three of my upset specials right. That is ... surprising. And completely unsustainable. There’s nowhere to go but down from here. Ah well, I peaked in my very first week doing this. Whatcha gonna do?

My miserable record last week brings my record on the season to 17-9, 4-2 on my upset specials.

Here are my picks for the NFL matchups this week. These picks are just a simple who wins the game deal. The odds given are according to DraftKings Sportsbook, but odds do not factor in to my picks. I’m just trying to pick the winner of each game here. DISCLAIMER: This is just for fun. I make no claims to actually being any good at this. Anyone who chooses to bet according to my picks will likely prove the old maxim, a fool and his money are soon parted.


Denver Broncos at Dallas Cowboys. Cowboys have too much firepower to lose to a punchless and Von Miller-less Denver team at home. Cowboys over the Broncos.

Buffalo Bills at Jacksonville Jaguars. Bills may be the best team in the NFL. Jaguars are in the conversation for the worst team in the NFL. Home field isn’t nearly enough to save the Jaguars. Bills over the Jaguars.

Las Vegas Raiders at New York Giants. Raiders are making the long, difficult trip east. Giants aren’t a good team, but home field plus the west coast team playing the early game is just enough. Giants over the Raiders in an upset special.

Minnesota Vikings at Baltimore Ravens. The Vikings have struggled on the road and against the better teams in the NFL. They get both against the Ravens, and it’ll be too much for Minnesota to overcome. Ravens over the Vikings.

Cleveland Browns at Cincinnati Bengals. The Browns have scored 17 points or less in four of their last five games. The Bengals haven’t scored less than 17 points all year. Bengals over the Browns.

Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints. The Falcons’ only wins this year have come against the Jets, the Dolphins and the Giants. The Saints ain’t the Jets the Dolphins or the Giants. Saints over the Falcons.

New England Patriots at Carolina Panthers. Bill Belichick and the Patriots defense have never lost to a Sam Darnold led team. That won’t change on Sunday. Patriots over the Panthers.

Houston Texans at Miami Dolphins. Two of the worst teams in the NFL going at it. Who knows? Who cares? When in doubt, take the home team. Dolphins over the Texans.


Los Angeles Chargers at Philadelphia Eagles. Eagles stink. Chargers don’t. Chargers over the Eagles.

Green Bay Packers at Kansas City Chiefs. Chiefs have fallen on hard times. There’s nothing they can say but they can learn how to play the game. All they need is Love. Love is all they need. Chiefs over the Packers.

Arizona Cardinals at San Francisco 49ers. Kyler Murray may not play, hence the 49ers are favorites at home. It won’t matter. Colt’s the real McCoy. Cardinals over the 49ers in an upset special.


Tennessee Titans at Los Angeles Rams. This would have been a tough game for the Titans at full strength. With Derrick Henry out and A.J. Brown ailing, the Rams are too much to overcome at home. Rams over the Titans.


Chicago Bears at Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers are no great shakes, but the Bears are no shakes at all. Steelers over the Bears as the education of Justin Fields continues.