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2021 NFL Power Rankings, Week 13: Winning Ugly

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NFL: NOV 28 Jets at Texans Photo by John Rivera/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The New York Jets got back in the winning column on Sunday with a 21 - 14 road victory over the Houston Texans. The defense and the running game showed up and dragged the Jets and a wildly erratic Zach Wilson to victory. It wasn’t pretty, but cellar dwellers can’t be picky about wins. It was a win, and that’s better than the Jets usually can say on Sundays.

The Jets record under head coach Robert Saleh improved to 3-8. How did the power rankings feel about this win? Let’s find out.

Pro Football Network

29) New York Jets

It’s obvious for anybody with working vision that Zach Wilson isn’t ready to play at the NFL level yet. He’s battling to survive out there. His process isn’t where it needs to be, and it hurts the Jets offense. But Wilson needs those reps to sharpen his steel, and as long as he’s healthy, he must be the starter the rest of the way.

The unfortunate thing here is the Jets won the game. For morale purposes, that’s never a bad thing. But they still have a game against the Jaguars, and the Saints have trouble scoring points. New York could use all the help they can get in the draft because the roster still needs a major overhaul.

New York Post

29. New York Jets, 3-8 (31)

Zach Wilson’s return from a four-game absence with a knee injury was the pregame story. But the Jets beat the Texans because the offensive line blocked for a season-high 157 rushing yards, and the defense notched five sacks and didn’t allow a point on the Texans’ final seven possessions. Wilson’s blooper-reel interception off a receiver’s back is easier to swallow after a win.

USA Today

29. Jets (30): Costly win at Houston on Sunday dropped them to fourth in the 2022 draft order ... though Week 16 date with Jacksonville could still allow NYJ to improve their position.


29. New York Jets (3-8)

Previous ranking: 31

Week 6 confidence rating: 3.0

How it’s going now: 4.0

The Jets have made strides on offense, going from 31st to 21st in total yards. But the problem is, rookie QB Zach Wilson — who missed four games during this window — had nothing to do with the improvement. They have to get him up to speed, simply because he is their future. On the downside, the defense dropped from 22nd to 32nd, which included a historically bad funk of four games. The defense took a couple of baby steps in the 21-14 win at the Texans on Sunday, but it has a long way to go.

We have rare unanimity here. The Jets are the 29th best team in the NFL according to each of the listed power rankings. What do you think? Where should the Jets rank in the NFL power rankings?