I was right about Mac Jones, he's an awesome talent, Wilson is Tribisky 2.0

If Zack Wilson works really hard, studies and greatly improves his accuracy, he can rise to the levelof Mitch Tribisky, an NFL backup. Tribisky took the Bears to the playoffs and played a lot better thanlittle Headband could every imagine playing at this point, I see no reason to believe he will ever be a competent NFL qb because his short and intermediate passes are the worst I have seen, I can't thinkof another QB who has been as inaccurate,

When pathetic little Chris Johnson started raving about Wilson and compared him to his grandson sayinghe knows more about Wilson than his grandson it sounded so creepy, Chris Johnson has been nothing lessthan a death sentence since he took over and immediately hired Gase.

Mac Jones is going to the post season this year, next year and probably until the day he decides to retire.

We get to see who little Chris decides will be the next Jet QB.

Enjoy little Chris Johnson, I will be rooting for the guy I wanted Mac EFFIN Jones.

This will be my last post as I am turning pro. Good luck to all, wish I could say it was fun!

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