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Podcast: Jets-Texans Talk With Coty Davis

Syndication: The Tennessean Andrew Nelles / / USA TODAY NETWORK

Since it is Thanksgiving week, the podcast schedule has been reshuffled a bit. Normally we have a weekly Crossover Thursday episode to learn more about the opponent of the week. This week the crossover episode is Wednesday. I join Coty Davis, the co-host of Locked on Texans, to discuss the Sunday matchup between the New York Jets and the Houston Texans.

Like the Jets, the Texans enter this game 2-8. They are coming off a surprising upset of the Tennessee Titans, a team the Jets shocked a little while back.

Coty gives us insight on Houston. He tells us about a defense that isn't as bad as we might expect. We also go into the steady Tyrod Taylor at quarterback and some of the key names on the roster Jets fans might now know. You will learn a lot about the Texans.

Thanks as always for listening, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!