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Jets Have Hired John Beck to Coaching Staff

NCAA Football - Wyoming vs BYU - November 9, 2006 Photo by Ken Levine/Getty Images

The Jets have hired John Beck to their coaching staff per Rich Cimini. Beck had been spotted by some fans on the sideline during Sunday’s win against the Bengals.

Beck is a former NFL quarterback. The Dolphins drafted him in the second round out of BYU in 2007. He also spent time with Baltimore, Washington, and Houston along with a brief stint in the CFL.

More notably for the Jets, he has worked with Zach Wilson as the personal coach of the second overall pick. During the bye week, Wilson went to work with Beck.

It seems pretty logical to me to have a coach Wilson trusts so much on the staff. If Zach is working with Beck during his week off, why not have the coach full-time at the facility.

There also were some rumors earlier in the year that the reason Mike LaFleur was on the sideline during games was so that he could speak with Wilson directly. Perhaps Beck will now be responsible for Wilson in games, freeing up LaFleur to call plays from the booth as he did Sunday.