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Podcast: Looking to the Second Half of the Season for the Jets

Syndication: USA TODAY Chris Pedota / USA TODAY NETWORK

I guess we reached the halfway point of the season at halftime of Sunday’s game. Now that there are an odd number of games in the season, there is no official halfway point, but the Jets are now on the second half of their schedule. They have played nine games. Eight remain.

On today’s podcast I discuss some of the important things to monitor as we get closer to the end of the season. The obvious one is the progress of Zach Wilson. I don’t think there’s much debate left. He should be back in the lineup Sunday as long as he’s 100% healthy. I also talk about how I think Joe Douglas and Robert Saleh should be evaluated. Beyond that, it’s time to start winning games. There are no more excuses with the soft part of the schedule upon us.

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