Groundhog Day.......

Before the season began we were told to lower our expectations coming off a 2-14 season. Because this season is not being measured by wins and losses and yesterday was " progress".

I’m not going to waste my time on the coaching staff who as always jump on the blame the players band wagon along with the GM and Owner because we put them in the position to succeed.

Woody is the true POS responsible for this nightmare but watching JOE FN DOUGLAS take the franchise to depths even lower and faster than Magic Mike is truly a work of art I honestly thought was impossible.

Bringing a guy out of retirement in training camp to "fix" the offensive line, his expertise was the first and most obvious sign that we should all immediately lower our expectations. I did and said as much. Because JoeDouglas like Magic Mike before him will not be judged by wins and losses.

Just do me a favor and stop bashing the players. Mike White wasn’t responsible for yesterday that was a disaster full of such blatant basic coaching mistakes anyone blaming the players is wrong and rude If you want to set expectations for the team you need to go no further than the offensive line. It’s an excellent measure of a GM. It’s a disaster and anyone putting any QB behind it for 2 consecutive seasons and thinking he did a great job will never be of any use to the team and the longer he remains the worse if will get

Here’s a FN thought. If you want to rebuild the offensive line try drafting more than 3 OL in your first two drafts, not 2 RBs, another fn safety with two already on the roster, a developmental QB and a FN PUNTER!!!! I drafted 6 starting offensive linemen in my last two mock drafts including Creed Humphrey the NFL’s #1 ranked center according to PFF at the mid season point at the bottom of the second round this year. Creed Humphrey isn’t about me bragging because I would mention Trey Smith, OG and Khalil Herbert RB who were also in PFFs top 4 rookies at mid season who I drafted in the fifth and sixth.

This is what an idiot GM we have that an armchair GM like me who knows nothing about football as I’m always told can expose the unqualified fool Douglas is same as I did with Magic Mike. It has nothing to do with bragging.

You want to try and end Groundhog Day..........


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