Coach Saleh's Dad had to come in and is helping him finish abandon house

Coach Saleh is going through a renovation nightmare on a house he purchased a few months ago,apparently the contractor took the money and overcharged for a bunch of stuff, Coaches Dad hahppensto be a contractor, and had to come down from Michigan and take over because Coach is too busy to deal with it, I bet coach wishes his renovations were simply building a swimming pool or a fountain,renovations usually cost twice as much and take three times as long, and contractors are known for ripping people of, so lets hear it for Saleh's Dad coming down and taking over construction,and the guy who took the money and ran, he faces criminal chargers.

My advice is don't buy a house that needs any type of major or even minor renovation unless you getit for next to nothing, its always a huge headache, -, also ask your contractor for three recent references, if they can't ,don't hire them

Guarantee the contractor is a Patriots fan.

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