Once More. With Feeling.

Coming off a fairly devastating loss on the road in Indianapolis nine days ago, the Jets are once again looking at a heavy lift, a very serious uphill climb Sunday at home against the Bills. There are many reasons, many, to despair in this matchup against a division rival which has, for years, dominated the Jets at every turn. After nine weeks, the Bills sit at the top of an admittedly weak division, only a game ahead of what may be a gradually surging Patriots team. And last week, they inexplicably imploded on the road against, arguably, the only team in the league that may be worse than the Jets. Is there any reason to believe Buffalo will again forget to get off the team bus, and leave its high powered attack at home in Northern New York?

Enlightened minds would likely say no. The Bills lost their first game at home against Pittsburgh, but then ran off four straight before falling on the road to a nasty Titans squad, now 7-2 and in first place in the south. Statistically, the Bills are in elite status, and on both sides of the ball. First in defense. First scoring, first against the pass, fifth overall against the run. First in turnover differential at plus 12. Twelve more turnovers than giveaways, the best in the business. Nasty, fast, strong, mean and aggressive, from inside out, back to front, side to side, they have no weaknesses. And not just on d. Fourth overall scoring per game. Top ten passing. Top ten rushing. Josh Allen is pretty good, came close to MVP last year. 17 td vs only 5 ints. a 97 rating. He's really big, 6' 5" 240, with a huge arm. He makes all throws--including off balance and off schedule, look easy. And fast. Basically an extra running back, he wont only take plays outside and if the rush goes by and he sees an empty hole in front of him. Buffalo designs plays for Allen against aggressive pass and run blitzes; they like to use him to counter aggression, take away momentum. Get you down, score points, and keep you down. Once you fall behind, Mc Dermott then turns loose the dogs of war.

But. Lets take a look at Buffalo's road loss against Jacksonville last week, shall we? What went wrong? For starters, Jacksonville stayed in the game early. Got on the board, played defense and didnt turn it over. Bracketed Diggs, went cover 2 and 3, then press and cover, then some man and cover. Mixed it up plenty. Then got at Allen, sacked him four times, made him fumble it once. Add two interceptions after being hassled all day, and Buffalo turned it over three times from the quarterback position. And the league's fourth leading scoring machine didnt score in the second half and left Florida having scored only six points....

So? So what I can hear you say. What does that have to do with the exorbitant price of pretzels and cold beer at the Meadowlands? Patience, grasshopper, patience. Sure the Bills may have one of the best young quarterbacks in football. But we, we have Mike White. And Carter. And an offensive line that continues its upward trajectory of keeping the quarterback clean on drop backs, and moving its feet and ample butts to get out in space and create lanes for the running game. Thirty points with a third string quarterback on the road last Thursday wasnt too bad. And now, now we dont go out there with the third stringer again because, well because. We have Mike White....

Starters on offense look healthy. Buffalo's d is good, at times great. Moving the ball and putting it in the end zone is not gonna be easy. We have to stay in the game early and move it. One, maybe by air, two maybe by ground. Up to LaFleur, i suspect he will try to get at Buffalo's aggression early and use it against them with counters, not necessarily trick plays. But keep them honest in the cut back lanes, screens, counters, or on the roll outs. Get them moving one way, then turn back the other. And keep the big play in play. Mike's been dinking and dunking, and that's gonna continue. But Jets receivers know where to go and what to do. The downfield options in the West Coast Offense have been on the table for some time now. Dont be afraid to open it up. Or forget to take the deep shot.

On d, Saleh had it right last week. The line just has to play harder, with more integrity, physicality, intelligence organization and purpose. Throw that tape in the garbage, some days you eat the bear some days the bear eats you. Time for Franklin to start playing like he deserves to be here. Q, Rankins, Shephard, Lawson will be back,the line remains a strength, I think. They just have to start playing like they did earlier in the season. Main thing is contain big plays, keep Allen in the pocket, get in his face, and DONT LET HIM ESCAPE TO HIS STRONG SIDE. Pressure the qb, hit him, get him on the ground, and the ball will come out funny again.Look for those turnovers, by all means, be aggressive. Be physical and use that home court advantage--and try beating Buffalo at their own game. Do what they do and when they dont expect it. Keep it close. Then try to steal it. Thirteen point underdog at home? Remember the Bengals game two weeks ago . And let's go get one more. Once more. With feeling. And remember.

We have Mike White. 37-30. Jets Jets Jets....

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