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TNF: Ravens vs Dolphins Game Thread

Syndication: Palm Beach Post Bill Ingram / USA TODAY NETWORK

Thursday Night Football, Week 10. Tonight the Miami Dolphins host the Baltimore Ravens. This looks like a mismatch on paper.

The 2-7 Miami Dolphins come into this came fresh off their second victory of the season, a 17 - 9 win over the hapless Houston Texans. Prior to that win the Dolphins had lost six straight games. This team has suffered a total collapse after going 10-6 last year. The Dolphins have done almost nothing right this year. Their passing game stinks, but they make up for it by having the worst running game in the NFL. Their defense ranks 30th in the NFL in yards allowed and 27th in points allowed. This is just a terrible Dolphins team.

The 6-2 Ravens come into this game winners of six of their last seven games. The Ravens boast the 2nd ranked offense in the NFL. They have scored 23 or more points in six of their eight contests. The Dolphins have scored 20 points or less in seven of their nine contests. This game looks like a mismatch. The Ravens, however, have one achilles heel. They have had a rough go of it at times in pass defense this year. The Ravens have given up more than 340 yards of passing in half their games this year. That is the vulnerability the Dolphins need to exploit if they are to have a chance at pulling off an upset tonight.

This game has the look of a rout in favor of the Ravens. However, recent weeks have shown even the biggest mismatches on paper don’t always translate to victories for the favorites on the field. Any given Sunday and all that.

It’s the Ravens and the Dolphins in an AFC matchup on Thursday Night Football. Enjoy the game everybody.