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Jets Fans Are Confident in the Team’s Direction

Syndication: USA TODAY Kevin R. Wexler / USA TODAY NETWORK

It’s time for our latest addition of SB Nation Reacts.

Each week SB Nation asks fans of the Jets and the other 31 teams for opinions about how their team is doing and league issues in general.

After the overtime victory over the Titans last week, 80% of fans we asked expressed confidence in the team’s direction.

The confidence rating had fallen to 39% after the Week 3 loss to Denver. The rating was at 96% prior to Week 1, 79% after the loss to the Panthers, and 64% after the loss to the Patriots.

Clearly the victory over Tennessee had a major impact on confidence since the rating doubled in one week. Still, fans seemed appreciably more optimistic than they were this time last year even after the brutal loss to the Broncos. The confidence rating last season was in single digits after the third and fourth weeks of the season in 2020, indicating we still are in something of a honeymoon period for the new coach and quarterback.

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