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Jets Week 4 Game Ball: Corey Davis

NFL: Tennessee Titans at New York Jets Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets won on Sunday, which means we get to give out the first game ball of the 2021 regular season. Feel free to call it the anti-anti-game ball if you prefer that.

There were numerous contenders for the honor. I do my best to avoid giving it to the quarterback after a win. After most wins the quarterback is going to be a contender for a game ball. This week is no exception as Zach Wilson led the Jets to this victory turning in the finest performance of his young career. Still, there are numerous other candidates.

Many of them play on the defense. You could make a plausible case for CJ Mosley, John Franklin-Myers, and both Williams brothers among others.

The game ball doesn’t necessarily need to be focused purely on productivity. Sometimes a player’s narrative can tip the scales.

Corey Davis was coming off a rough couple of weeks. In the two preceding games he was unable to come up with a number of potentially momentum swinging passes that hit his hands. He was also facing his former team, one he didn’t feel treated him with the proper respect in free agency.

Davis’ game got off to a rough start. A stumble on a break caused an interception. He then failed to catch another pass that hit him in the hands.

From that point forward, he got motivated. He sparked the Jets offense with a number of big plays. His final stat line was 4 catches for 111 yards and a touchdown along with a key pass interference drawn. At least for this week he was able to silence his critics and get some measure of revenge.

For these reasons Davis gets my game ball.

Who gets yours?