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2021 NFL Power Rankings, Week 8: Blowout In Beantown

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NFL: OCT 24 Jets at Patriots Photo by Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The New York Jets completely fell apart against the New England Patriots coming out of the bye week on Sunday. In what has been perhaps the most embarrassing multi-year stretch of football dreck for a franchise rich in dreck, Sunday’s performance plumbed fresh new lows. Absolutely destroyed in every phase of the game, the Jets looked like one of those sacrificial lambs college football powerhouses schedule at the start of the year before they get into their conference schedule. It was Alabama vs East Southern Podunk Valley State out there. One guess as to which franchise was ESPVS. The Jets record under head coach Robert Saleh fell to 1-5. How did the power rankings feel about this loss? Let’s find out.

Pro Football Network

32) New York Jets

The Jets’ roster was already a disaster, and then their rookie quarterback went down with an injury early in their Week 7 game. The Patriots never let up, scoring 54 points in an absolutely disgusting match.

New York’s defense made Mac Jones look like Tom Brady, and for some reason, Josh McDaniels decided to empty his entire magazine of trick plays on the lowly Jets. If Zach Wilson is out for an extended period of time, it means there aren’t many reasons to watch the Jets play the rest of the season.

Hopefully, it’s not too serious because he could use the reps. But without Wilson, this is the worst team in the NFL. Therefore, they fall to No. 32.

Sports Illustrated

29. New York Jets (1–5)

Last week: Loss at New England, 54–13

Next week: vs. Cincinnati

While I think we all would have liked to see a little more fight from the Jets against New England in that 41-point loss, it’s important to remember how threadbare Robert Saleh’s crew is right now, not to mention down the No. 2 overall pick in the draft now.

New York Post

30. New York Jets, 1-5

A double whammy. An embarrassing performance off the bye week — allowing the first 17 points and trailing, 31-17, at halftime against the Patriots — plus a PCL injury to rookie quarterback Zach Wilson. The Patriots put up 551 yards and 54 points — a month’s worth of production for the Jets. Wilson is out 2-4 weeks, so Mike White will make his first career start.


30. New York Jets (1-5)

Previous ranking: 28

Prediction we missed: The Jets would run the ball well enough to take pressure off QB Zach Wilson

A big miss by me, as the Jets are ranked 32nd in rushing offense. My projection was based on the impressive history of their offensive scheme, which seemingly always cranked out strong rushing attacks under Kyle Shanahan. The Jets are proving that schemes don’t matter as much as players. The offensive line, hurt by the loss of LT Mekhi Becton, is struggling in the outside-zone scheme. As a result, no running back has broken a run longer than 17 yards.

USA Today

31. Jets (27): Now they trade for 2020 QB2 Joe Flacco when they could’ve just re-signed him to be their Plan B QB, not to mention a steady resource for now-injured rookie Zach Wilson? The faces change here, but the results never seem to.

It’s hard to believe anyone has the Jets above the two worst teams in the NFL, but there it is.

What do you think? Where should the Jets rank in the NFL power rankings?