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Podcast: Jets vs. Patriots Preview With Robby Sabo

Syndication: The Record Chris Pedota/ Today Network via Imagn Content Services, LLC

The Jets are off their bye this weekend as they make the trip to Foxborough for a game against the New England Patriots.

Joining me on today’s podcast to preview the game is Robby Sabo, the founder of

On the show we discuss an article Robby recently wrote about the rush to judgment on Sam Darnold after the former Jets quarterback played a few good games to start the season. We also talk about the current Jets quarterback Zach Wilson and whether the bye week came at a good time. Perhaps Zach has had a chance to mentally reset after a rough first five weeks. Robby and I then go into some of the key matchups of the game, such as Corey Davis vs. JC Jackson and how the Jets will deal with facing rookie quarterback Mac Jones for the second time this season.

Thanks as always for listening to the show.