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Podcast: Jets Lose to the Falcons in London

NFL: London Games-New York Jets at Atlanta Falcons Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

On today’s podcast we sort through yesterday’s defeat. The Jets lost 27-20 to the Falcons in London. The team is now 1-4 in 2021 season. The timing of a loss like this is difficult since it leads the Jets into the bye week. Players, coaches, fans, and media now have two weeks to talk about everything that went wrong in this game.

To be clear, a lot went wrong. The Jets did not receive winning performances from either the offense or the defense. The game began on a difficult note as a very suspect roughing the passer call extended Atlanta’s first drive, but the Jets did not perform effectively at all in the first half as they carried a 17 point deficit into the locker room. Things improved in the second half but not enough as the team suffered its fourth defeat of the young season.

Thanks for listening to the show.