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Jets Fans Are Willing to Give Joe Douglas More Time

NFL: Combine Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

It’s time for the latest installment of SB Nation Reacts.

What is SB Nation Reacts? Periodically the company sends out surveys to NFL fans asking them thoughts on their favorite team and the NFL as a whole.

Much to my chagrin we aren’t doing weekly confidence rankings at this point. I always loved the 60 point swings depending on whether the Jets won or lost. The plan for now is to conduct those surveys periodically throughout the season.

Based on the way the first three weeks of the season went, I was curious how Jets fans feel about their general manager. Joe Douglas has been getting a lot of criticism in the media and the fan base. With this in mind I asked the folks at SB Nation Reacts to send a question to Jets fans whether Douglas should be on the hot seat.

The results are in.

Fans might be unhappy, but at this point two-thirds of those surveyed aren’t yet at the point where they are ready to discuss Douglas’ job security.

Of course you could also interpret this as a bad thing for the general manager. Three games into what for all intents and purposes is his second season on the job, he already has one-third of the fanbase thinking he should be worried.