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Gang Green Nation Highlight Reel

NFL: New York Jets at New England Patriots Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Our readers’ and writers’ contributions to this site are a major reason why Gang Green Nation is the best Jets blog in the history of Jets blogs. No contribution, big or small, should go unnoticed. That’s why we’ll highlight some of the best comments and FanPosts on a weekly basis.

Without further ado, I bring to you, Gang Green Nation’s Highlight Reel for the past week:

Top Fanposts:

Howe-Mowe’s Take On Pocket Passers and SB Winners:

Howe-Mowe makes an argument that the Pocket Passer is not dead.

My QB Journey/Decision:

Rampantjet22 details our options at QB.

Mock Draft 1.0 - Pre-Senior Bowl, 01/27/2021 (no trades):

willtakecharge4 completes a full 1st round mock.

Top Comments:

On Robert Saleh’s Press Conference:

I know its a day of overreaction but IMO I think Saleh’s answer about investing in players, vice-versa, and helping them get their maximum income is an underrated answer. Not many coaches would be willing to admit that so openly while sharing a split screen with the owner on the left and GM on the right. It might help him get over with the players even more. Also, I’ll reiterate, this isn’t Rex 2.0 as some have feared or mentioned here, he’s Rob Saleh. I’m intrigue to see how our scheme is going to look at who we bring in via FA and the draft to fit it. Also excited to hear that pre-snap motion will return to our offense (What a novel concept). Time will tell but I’m optimistic we have the coach that will at least make us a playoff team.


I don’t think it can be oversold how much players are going to love playing for this guy. It really seems like he wants his players to succeed and not just because it is in turn good for him. Add in the facts that he is following a supremely unlikeable coach, AND that players from around the league are talking about how great he is and they are setting the stage for him getting a massive benefit of the doubt from his soon to be players. His first impression to them is already made before he officially meets them and it is great. Oh and he has also called everyone on the team...... Pretty sure Gase still hadn’t talked to 35% of the guys on the team by the time he left. God this is such a massive shift.


One of my fav parts of what Coach Saleh said was that He wants to make sure each player knows that he cares for their well being and wants to help each and every one of them make a lot of plays on gameday so they can get paid as much as possible. That can def get players want to play hard for you...


On Woody Johnson returning to the Jets:

Woody - welcome back. Please just sit way back and just enjoy watching your highly competent and experienced first class NFL professionals (JD/RS) transform the Jets into a perennial contender. Please.

-Jet Fan

On the QB situation:

I can’t imagine the new OC staff has even been in the same room together yet (heck maybe not on a Zoom call yet) could Carton and Roberts know what they think of Darnold or what may happen at the QB position next year? FWIW, and I recognize I’m in the minority and while it wouldn’t be my most preferred choice, I’m OK with the possibility of bringing Darnold back if the staff thinks they can salvage him. My logic is [1] Gase is that bad, and that can’t be understated, [2] the Jets haven’t put the formidable pieces around him (and I recognize we can argue to what degree) and [3]...some people, experts even, believed in the guy at some point? I know people also believed in Sanchez for example, but Sanchez had an incredible OL and adequate weapons at a minimum - and the Jets still relied on their defense to win games because Sanchez couldn’t put up points. The Jets can still take Sewell/Chase/Smith or trade down for more assets, and Darnold flops with multiple first rounders next year as well as additional assets they have the ability to trade up for a QB next year (and I’m not generally a fan of kicking the can down the road but for the reasons I mentioned I’m open), and/or they can take a QB in the later rounds. All that said I think unless you really believe either Fields, Wilson or Lance have a really good shot at being the dude - my preferred choice would be to trade for Watson, I think he’s worth three 1st round draft picks, including this year’s #2 overall. The stars have to align for a team without a great QB (or one playing on fire like Flacco or Eli) to win a Super Bowl, and teams go decades trying to find a really good QB. IDK, not responding directly to you TH3, more so general thoughts on the QB situation.


On potentially taking Zach Wilson at #2:

if we take wilson at #2 i’ll immediately start researching top ‘21 high school seniors for the next jets QB pick in 2025

-Kendrick Hills 10307

On DeShaun Watson:

My take:

Watson is a known quantity. Yes, no QB can win by themselves, but when was the last time a top-10 QB in his prime was on the market like this? I can’t honestly recall. The Jets also have the draft picks to get this done without significantly hurting their long term ability to draft, due to have two 1st rounders the next two years. Even using three firsts to make this happen (which is steep) would still leave one of those picks intact. As for the rest of the roster, even accounting for signing Watson the Jets would have excess cap space due to the rollover from this year (hey, remember when people wanted us to spend that money?) to sign some immediate help at OL/WR. Plus getting Watson immediately makes the Jets much more attractive overall. Also, consider the Jets recent history at drafting QB, or even drafting period. Having picks is nice, but if you can’t convert them into actual players, then what’s the point. I’ll say it again: I view all the QBs not named T-Jax as developmental risks, and have no faith in the Jets being able to properly develop them. So to be, the only option to address QB is to acquire one, which means getting Watson.


On our options at QB:

Let’s go through these one by one: Option 1: Draft a QB at 2 Benefits: Potential for getting a plus QB on a rookie contract for 4+ years; retain draft picks to improve team Risks: No guarantee that any drafted QB turns into a plus QB Option 2: Trade for Watson Benefits: Get a proven top-5 QB who’s still 25, who can attract top FAs (ARob) Risks: Costs significant draft capital and cap space Option 3: Trade for a place-holder QB (Stafford) Benefits: Gives Jets a proven above-average QB to help develop winning culture; will likely cost only one high draft pick, leaving the Jets the ability to trade down from 2 to accumulate more picks; cap charge ($20 mil in ‘21, $23 mil in ‘22) significantly less than Watson. Risks: Still don’t have a long-term solution at QB; Stafford may make the team just good enough to not draft high enough to get a top QB. Option 4: Give Darnold one more chance; trade down from 2 to accumulate draft capital Benefits: Maximizes draft capital to improve team; no cap implications beyond 2021 if Jets don’t pick up Darnold’s 5th year option (which they won’t) Risks: What are the odds that Darnold can turn it around? It’s not impossible, but it’s hard to argue that the odds aren’t pretty low. Will top FAs want to come to a Darnold-led Jets team? What does it do to the franchise if we pass on Watson, and Wilson/Fields turn into good QBs, while Darnold doesn’t improve? Personally? If the Jets braintrust really feel like either Wilson or Fields are likely to turn into a plus NFL QB, you go in that direction. If they have significant doubts about both, though, you go full throttle after Watson, with Stafford as a backup plan. As much as I like Darnold, and want to see him get a shot with good coaching and some talent around him, I can’t support the Jets taking such a huge risk.


The Jets are considered the favorites to land Watson. We can realistically and FINALLY have a truly great QB and that is a lock. Not even Trevor Lawrence is a lock. This guy has done it and we can still build around him. It’s reached the point if we don’t land him I’ll be devastated (at least as devastated I can be for a sports team).


On the Texans Head Coach hire:

Ravens must be laughing so hard right now.

They get 2 3rd round “compensatory” picks for losing Culley to the Texans with the new rules.


So there you have it, Gang Green Nation’s Highlight Reel. Want to be featured next week? Just keep doing what you do, and more importantly, keep being who you are—after all, YOU’RE what makes Gang Green Nation so great!


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