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Jets Fire Adam Gase

New York Jets v Miami Dolphins Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

In a development surprising nobody, the New York Jets have fired head coach Adams Gase. Gase departs the team after two unpopular and unsuccessful seasons.

This move has been long anticipated. The only question for quite some time has been, when? Today we have the answer.

Adam Gase will leave the Jets as one of the most unpopular head coaches in team history. Jets fans never warmed to the former Miami Dolphins head coach, particularly after he got the team off to a 1-7 start in the first eight games he coached the Jets. Gase and the Jets rebounded from that brutal start in 2019 with a 6-2 finish to the season. That, however, was largely a product of a weak schedule and an epically bad slate of quarterbacks the Jets faced in the last half of the 2019 season.

This year the Jets again got off to a terrible start, losing the first 13 games of the year. By the halfway mark of the season it became increasingly obvious that Gase would not survive the year, as the Jets became the laughing stock of the NFL and there were legitimate arguments being made that the 2020 Jets were one of the worst teams in the history of the NFL. A small late season rebound was not nearly enough to change Gase’s fate, and today the Jets move in a new direction towards what Jets fans hope will be a considerably brighter future.

Adam Gase was hired to develop Sam Darnold into a top NFL quarterback and to give the Jets a modern, top flight offense. He failed spectacularly at both objectives. Darnold not only failed to develop as a quarterback under Gase, he significantly regressed. Going into the last game of the season Darnold ranked 36th and last in the NFL among qualifying quarterbacks in passer rating, 36th in yards per attempt, 32nd in touchdown percentage, 28th in interception percentage, 31st in passing yards per game and 34th in QBR. No matter how you slice it, Darnold under Gase became statistically one of the worst starting quarterbacks in the NFL.

Not surprisingly, the Jets offense under Gase did not flourish. Going into the last game of the season the Jets ranked last in the NFL in yards, points, passing yards, net passing yards per attempt, rushing touchdowns, scoring percentage, offensive plays per drive, points per drive and yards per drive. This came on the heels of the Jets finishing last in the NFL in offense in 2019. The two years under Adam Gase marked the first time in Jets history the Jets offense ranked last in the NFL in back to back seasons. In the end, a coach like Gase, hired specifically for his offensive prowess and presumed ability to develop quarterbacks, simply could not survive such an avalanche of terrible offensive metrics.

With the firing of Adam Gase the Jets move on to a new era. The search for a new head coach will begin immediately. The choice of Adam Gase’s replacement will be crucial to the Jets’ ability to climb out of the deep hole they have dug for themselves over the last decade.