My QB Journey/Decision

So let me preface this by saying that no one should care about my opinion on QB's. I have been wrong as often as i have been right. And while I feel like I have improved a bit at scouting the QB position since the Darnold draft it is still such a crap shoot. Anyone who claims to have any level of certainty when it comes to any of these QB's is either clairvoyant or suffers from a severe case of over confidence.

I liked Darnold when he came out, and while i saw his red flags i was convinced to ignore them by his flashes of great plays, and by the fact that he was so young and inexperienced and had previously seemed to learn quickly. In that same draft I recognized Josh Allen's insane potential while being scared off by his lack of accuracy. Remember this is at the same time that we were burdened with the man the myth the legend the Hackenberg, who was so inaccurate and was so incapable of fixing his accuracy that he scared me off of any QB needing any work on his accuracy. I didn't care for Rosen as he seemed to be only good at the things he was taught and had none of those innate uncoachable skills. I still feel like i was right on that one. He was like a musician who can play a song technically but with no soul or improvisation. I loved the idea of Lamar because he was capable of so many things with his legs that it just seemed like it would be so fun.

Now on to this year. We are sitting here with a QB that either hasn't learned or was put in such a bad situation that anything he did learn went out the window due to his abysmal surroundings. No matter the cause he seems fairly broken to me, and due to only having 1 cheap year left it seems like the best course of action is to move on. There are seemingly a ton of options.

The Watson situation gives us a rare opportunity to get the most coveted asset in football.... an elite QB. But there is so much uncertainty with that situation though. So i will just say... sure I'd love to have him for a relatively reasonable price but that seems unlikely. The other potential QB's available for trade don't interest me at all. That leads us to the QB's in the draft.

It comes down to 3 guys to me for 1 simple reason. If I am drafting a QB I want to swing for the fences. I want to know there is at least a remote chance that we hit a home run and the guy turns into an elite top of the league QB. He needs to at least have the skill set that would make that a possibility.. Thus guys like Trask, and Jones are out, especially at #2. Back to the 3 candidates that display any semblance of the traits needed to potentially develop into a top notch QB. Zach Wilson, Justin Fields, and Trey Lance.

First Lance is obviously a big talented guy. Big arm, 6'5, runs pretty well, fairly accurate, but man there are so many questions, and none of them were answered in his 1 game this year. He so often bails out his inability as a pocket passer with his running ability, but that is against sub par competition. He just looks so much bigger and faster than the guys he is playing, but to be fair.... they look small and slow. He also plays on the Alabama of his level of football. They just run over other teams. His receivers are wide open, and his line mauls people. I kind of think of him the same way that I thought of Josh Allen. Sure he could end up being amazing, but he has so far to go it seems unlikely. Lets not forget that Allen is a complete outlier in how far he has come in this short period of time.

Next we'll look at Zach Wilson. He has been getting some hate on here recently and I think part of that is due to him appearing on the scene somewhat late. But putting all that aside, if you can't see why he's at least intriguing then we either just disagree on most things or you came in with negative bias. The kid makes some astonishing throws. He can make those jaw dropping throws from in the pocket, out of it, on the move, from different arm angles. And while he isn't the athlete these other two are he is no statue, and can get you some production with his feet. That being said he is fairly slight, especially in the upper body. He has past shoulder issues which is always a concern, and though he is playing better competition than Lance, he's still playing some junk teams. Also his OL was pretty darn good, he was rarely under pressure, and even when he was it was generally from 1 direction so he had a place to escape too.

Lastly there is Justin Fields. He doesn't quite have Lance's size but he is a stout 6'3 around 230. He may not quite have Wilsons arm strength, but he can make all the throws and seems like the most consistently accurate to all levels of the 3. He may have to get through his reads faster, but I have seen evidence of him being able to get through them quickly while playing the best teams in the nation. He is the highest pedigree of the 3 for whatever that is worth. It doesn't mean everything but there is something comforting about knowing that people have thought he was good for a long time. Lastly though, and one of the deciding factors for me, is his sheer athleticism. He won't ever be Lamar (no one is) but teams are going to have to constantly account for his ability to run, and if they don't he will get an easy 10 yards, or maybe just take it to the house. Unlike Lance, I have no questions about whether his speed with translate to the NFL level. I have seen it in action against a slew of future NFL players.

So my top choice, at least at the moment, for drafting a QB is Justin Fields. I'd say the 2 biggest things that separated him from Wilson for me where the injury history(especially since it was a shoulder), and the running ability. I have always coveted running QB's. It makes 3rd and short, and the red zone so much easier. I will end this the way i started it by saying you shouldn't care about my opinion, but maybe my thought process will help you with your opinion.

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