Tom Brady is back in the Super Bowl for the 10th time in his career. So let' look at all starting QB's, winners and losers, in the Super Bowl since the 2000 season. For a baseline, let's look at this by pocket passers and how mobile of a QB they are/were.

Let's start with the pocket passers with no to limited mobility.

1) Tom Brady
2) Peyton Manning
3) Eli Manning
4) Drew Brees
5) Kurt Warner
6) Joe Flacco
7) Brad Johnson
8) Kerry Collins
9) Trent Dilfer
10) Rich Gannon
11) Jake Delhomme
11) Matt Hasselbeck
12) Rex Grossman
13) Matt Ryan
14) Jared Goff
15) Jimmy Garopollo
16) Nick Foles

A large portion of starting SB QB's are pocket passers. And with Brady, Peyton Manning, and Brees, those three pocket passers hold the all-time records in different passing categories.

So let's look at the pocket passers with average to greater than average mobility.

1) Donovan McNabb
2) Colin Kaepernick
3) Ben Roethlisberger
4) Aaron Rodgers
5) Russell Wilson
6) Patrick Mahomes
7) Cam Newton

Huh. The list suddenly is a lot shorter. Not a lot of the modern QB's every one wants drafted. The QB's that can run and throw. Also, not a lot of run first guys on this list. And with the exception of Kaepernick, the rest of the QB's on the mobility list beat you with their arms, not their legs. Yes, they can extend plays with their mobility, but they are always looking downfield to throw.

So what does this data tell you? It tells you one thing. That the pocket passer is not dead. That the new wave of mobility and running with QB's is over in the NFL. It may work in college, but anyone who saw what the Chiefs did to Josh Allen yesterday, the Chiefs just pushed him out of his pocket, and dared him to win throwing on the run. And you look at the "new age" of QB's, and other than Mahomes, who is a pocket passer and has great success from the pocket, are all out of the playoffs. Allen, Lamar Jackson, Russell Wilson, Kyler Murray, etc.

And to think there are many, many people in here who rather take a Justin Fields over a Mac Jones, because this is what the NFL is moving to, is a totally false and misunderstood knowledge of what football is. The modern NFL is about completing passes and pushing the ball downfield. That is how you win in today's NFL. All of the rules are slanted towards the offense, in an attempt for high scoring games, full of drama. That is what the NFL wants. And the QB's who think they can win with their legs over their arm and a designed play, are failing in today's NFL.

Why is Mac Jones will all his great stats and traits to be a Super Bowl winner because history tells you those are the guys who win it all, overlooked by a perceived notion that a Trey Lance, or Zach Wilson, or Justin Fields is better because this is where the game is moving? It's still the same ol pocket passer sitting at the top. Are you going to bet against Tom Brady in the Super Bowl? It would be a fool's bet.

The pocket passer is very much alive, and hasn't stopped succeeding at a high level in the NFL. You may call them dinosaurs, but dinosaurs ruled the earth for tens of millions of years, just like the pocket passer still rules the NFL.

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