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Rumor: The Jets Are Deshaun Watson’s Top Choice

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Houston Texans Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Deshaun Watson trade rumors have heated up over the last few days due to the superstar quarterback’s understandable unhappiness over the state of the Houston Texans. AFC East rivals, the Jets and the Dolphins, have both been linked as potential trade partners due to both teams’ excess Draft capital. Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald reports today that Watson would prefer the Jets.

Quarterback Deshaun Watson, unhappy with his situation with the Houston Texans, apparently has a ranking for which new team he’d like to play:

And, yes, he really wants to move to the AFC East.

But he prefers to play for the New York Jets.

And, second, he’d like to play for the Miami Dolphins.

In that order.

Watson this week told people the Jets are his top preference among the teams he’d like to be traded to because they hired Robert Saleh to be their coach and Watson values Saleh so much he wanted the Texans to interview him for their vacant head coach job.

We are going to hear plenty of rumors about Watson in the weeks and months ahead. I am sure we will hear conflicting rumors about how he wants to go to Miami over the Jets. We will hear rumors about how he might work things out with Houston. We will hear rumors about how some other team has entered the Watson sweepstakes.

This situation is a long way from a conclusion. The NFL season hasn’t even concluded yet. Houston still doesn’t have a head coach. The identity of eventual hire could go a long way towards deciding whether Watson is eventually traded.

I ask you not to drive yourself crazy overreacting to every rumor.