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Robert Saleh Introductory Press Conference Thread

San Francisco 49ers v New Orleans Saints Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

Robert Saleh will be introduced today as the new head coach of the New York Jets. Saleh replaces Adam Gase who was fired after a tumultuous two year run where the Jets went 9-23.

I frequently say the introductory press conference is the least important day of any coaching or front office tenure. What matters is the actual work ahead. No games were ever won or lost at a press conference.

With that said, I fully expect Robert Saleh to make a positive impression on Jets fans. Gase’s introductory press conference lives in infamy. Numerous memes came from that event. Did the press conference have any actual impact on Gase’s job performance? Of course not, but I think plenty of people will compare Saleh favorably.

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