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Jets to roll over $26.7 million in unused cap space to 2021

Buffalo Bills v New York Jets Photo by Al Pereira/Getty Images

In the NFL teams are allowed to bank unused salary cap space and roll it to the next season. Field Yates of ESPN shared the number for each team in the league.

Only the Cleveland Browns will carry more money over than the $26,686,546 the Jets will add to their 2021 cap total.

Based on the way the Jets handled last offseason, it was pretty clear that 2020 was a reset/evaluation year. The team ended up carrying over $50 million dead money from past failed contracts. The roster just wasn’t good enough, and that $26.7 million was not going to make the team drastically better. Maybe they would have won 3 or 4 games instead of 2.

This money will help the Jets this offseason. The team will presumably take a more aggressive approach to free agency, albeit presumably less reckless than Tannenbaum/Maccagnan offseasons. The team is in position to improve quite a bit, and this rollover cap space is part of the reason.