GGN Thread About Nothing 236: The End


Welcome to the 236th edition of the Thread About Nothing.

So my doctor asked me, "How long ago since your last colonoscopy." I looked away like a school boy who hadn't done his homework and said, "Umm...Just a few years ago." I knew full well it had been over 10 years ago and that I was due for another.

I had the procedure done a couple of days ago and much to my relief, the anesthesiologist put me completely to sleep and when I woke up it was all over. I was lying on a bed in the recovery room, enjoying a glass of orange juice. I felt relaxed and without the least bit of grogginess. Way better than 10 years ago when I was doped up but still conscious and highly uncomfortable throughout the procedure.

So if you're a person of a certain age and putting off this potentially life saving procedure because of how dreadfully uncomfortable it used to be, don't worry about it. Nowadays it's easy.

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Here's The Beatles from Abbey Road. "And in the end..."

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