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Possible Jets Coaching Candidates, Part 4: Coaches With Ties to the Jets

Buffalo Bills v Cleveland Browns Photo by: 2019 Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

The Jets will likely be looking for a new head coach. Over the next few days we are going to introduce some potential candidates in a series of articles. Surely not all of the candidates we profile will get an interview. It is likely the Jets will speak with candidates who won’t appear on the initial lists. We will go more in depth once interviews are known.

We opened the series talking about NFL assistant coaches, college coaches, and NFL retreads. Today we will coaches who have a history with the Jets.

This is franchise is one of a kind. Coaches have to deal with unique challenges and expectations from the fanbase, ownership, and media. It can’t hurt to have a history with the Jets and know what you are getting yourself into.

Here are some potential candidates who have past ties to the Jets.

Brian Daboll

Offensive Coordinator, Buffalo Bills

Ties to Jets: Quarterbacks Coach 2007-2008

Pros: Fairly creative offensive mind. Worked for Bill Belichick and Nick Saban. Has done a good job with Josh Allen. Has worked his way up the coaching ranks.

Cons: Career has been up and down. Has three failed stints as an NFL offensive coordinator on his resume.

Initial Thoughts: I didn’t love the idea of Daboll a few months ago, but I think his time with the Jets was clouding my judgment a bit. I like the fact he has worked in a lot of places. He has been able to observe the two best cultures in football and some of the worst. This should give him an idea about what works and what doesn’t. Even his past failures probably aren’t that big of a deal. They were a long time ago. They were in impossible situations, and sometimes you learn from failures more than you learn from successes. The only thing that bothers me is how much his candidacy seems to be based on the perception he has a secret recipe to turn any quarterback into Josh Allen. The relevant question is whether he is ready to be in charge of his own operation.

Brian Schottenheimer

Offensive Coordinator, Seattle Seahawks

Ties to Jets: Offensive Coordinator 2006-2011

Pros: guess Seattle’s offense is pretty good this year.

Cons: Bad offensive coordinator. Doesn’t play to his team’s strengths. Brutal situational play caller. Slow to adapt to trends. Has played a role in the eventual demise of almost every head coach he has worked for.

Initial Thoughts: Schottenheimer is getting some head coaching buzz. If the Jets hire him, it will show they have learned nothing in the last two years. Proximity to a great quarterback doesn’t equate to effective coaching. Schottenheimer has as much to Russell Wilson’s success as Adam Gase had to do with Peyton Manning’s.

Rex Ryan

Analyst, ESPN

Ties to Jets: Head Coach 2009-2014; Son of former Jets Defensive Line Coach (1968-1974) Buddy Ryan

Pros: Excellent defensive record. Good with the media. Would excite the fanbase.

Cons: Jets got progressively worse during his tenure. Bad offensive coach. Not an effective developer of talent. Hasn’t coached a winning team in a decade. Hasn’t coached in four years. Most recent coaching tenure in Buffalo didn’t go well. Teams had a tendency to be undisciplined. Hasn’t shown an ability to learn from his mistakes.

Initial Thoughts: I think this would be a fiasco. I know there’s nothing Rex would love more than to return to the Jets. The media and a lot of fans would love it too. However, some of his cons are among the most important attributes a new coach would need to have. I worry that the Johnson brothers would do something like this to make it up to the fans for hiring Adam Gase.

Raheem Morris

Interim Head Coach, Atlanta Falcons

Ties to Jets: Intern 2001; Played and coached at Hofstra at a time the Jets shared the school’s football facilities

Pros: Has gotten the Falcons to play better since promotion in a very difficult situation. Experience coaching on both sides of the ball.

Cons: Past head coaching stint in Tampa Bay was ugly. Might not be available if the Falcons remove the interim label.

Initial Thoughts: Morris is a guy I could see being successful the second time around. In Tampa Bay he was too young and inexperienced to handle a situation as difficult as the one he inherited. In the nine years since the Bucs fired him, he has had time to reflect. After spending his career on the defensive side of the ball, he got experience coaching on offense. This year he has made the most of his opportunity with the Falcons. If Atlanta doesn’t keep him, I wouldn’t have a problem with the Jets giving him an interview.

Aaron Glenn

Defensive Backs Coach, New Orleans Saints

Ties to Jets: Cornerback 1994-2001; Personnel Scout 2012-2013

Pros: Widely praised for work with Saints. Viewed as a rising star. Personnel experience.

Cons: Doesn’t have a ton of experience.

Initial Thoughts: I have been surprised by how many times I have seen Glenn’s named mentioned in the media for head coaching openings. It still kind of feels to me like he is a few years away.