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Jets Podcast: Discussing Robert Saleh, Mike LaFleur, and More With Brian Peacock

San Francisco 49ers v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Jets have their new head coach in Robert Saleh. His coaching staff will draw heavily on his time with the San Francisco 49ers organization. The offensive coordinator will be Mike LaFleur. Other 49ers assistants have been mentioned as possible assistant coaches.

What better person to speak with now than a 49ers expert? Today’s podcast is a special offseason crossover with Locked on 49ers and host Brian Peacock. Brian gives us information on Saleh and LaFleur. We also talk about some of the players from San Francisco who Saleh might want to bring over as he implements his system and tries to build a better culture. Additionally there is a quarterback in Houston who might be available soon. Both teams could be interested in Deshaun Watson. On this episode we talk about the possibility of the two teams making a deal with the Texans. Brian has a lot of great insight on all of this.

Thanks as always for listening.