2021 NYJ. FA. Re-Sign. Draft. In Sam...We Trust Edition

Well We got Saleh and he brought ones of his boys with him out of LeFleur and McDaniels so things are looking up!!!

I really don't think Zach Wilson or Justin Fields is the solution. I mean we didn't hear anything about Wilson till this shortened College Football Season and its tough to judge any of those kids outside of Trevor Lawrence who most teams were fawning over 3 years ago let alone this season.

Unless Houston Texans Continue their Inept ways...Deshaun stays there. They realize he's special. They'll here Bienemy and make things Sort of right with him.

Soooooo like my Title eludes to....In SAM DARNOLD WE TRUST. He gave off all of the Mark Sanchez signs along with coming from the same school. INT City the last two season but remember he was one of the younger guys in the group he was drafted with so let's give him a chance instead of sending all of our picks to HOU or resetting the QB room with a rook.


Henry Anderson - Why were you even given this money? Bye 8.2 Million Base

Alex Lewis - Still don't think anyone knows why he bailed this season. Seemed good enough from what we saw. Not good enough for your salary. Bye. 5.8 Million Base.

Ryan Griffin - Didn't they randomly extend this dude? HA!! BYE 2.4 Million Base

Greg Van Roten - Homegrown talent. just not good enough. not even for Depth. Bye but I feel bad. 3.0 Million Base

Re-Signings ( Used Sportrac. leaned on Market Values ):

Marcus Maye - If anyone deserves to be rewarded for not going full Jamal Adams it's this dude. 7.5 Million Base 4 Years 30 Million

Brian Poole - Wished he didn't get hurt this year. Still trucked along the last 2 Years on prove it deals instead of taking it elsewhere. Good Slot dude. Reward him. 6.5 Million Base 4 Years 26 Million

Nevil Hewitt - Stepped up in absence of the dude we shelled TOO MUCH MONEY FOR in Mosley 3.0 Million Base 4 years 12 Million

Tarell Basham - Decent Depth. 1.2 Million Base 3 Years 3.6 Million

Matthis Farley - Depth. 1.1 Million Base. 2 years 2.2 Million

Patrick Onwuasor - Works well with Mosley. Depth. 3.0 Million Base 4 Years 12 Million

Pat Elflein - Came in and did his damn job. Reward him. 2.5 Million Base 3 Years 7.5 Million

Free Agents:

Chris Godwin - Speed. Speed Speed. Think although he costs a pretty penny we don;t get Allen Robinson or Galloday. But you'll see as this post goes along there's a plan for this. 17.1 Million Base 4 Years 68.6 Million

Jonnu Smith - Put some pressure on Herdnon. He ate shit this year. this dude was good early in the season. kind of fell off but Hunter Henry seems out of reach and Expensive. 7.3 Million Base 5 Years 36.9 Million

James Conner - Probably stays in PIT but I'd take him in a second! 6.0 Million Base 3 Years 18 Million

JOE THUNEY - We should have got you last year. Overpay if you must. He's a Need. 14.2 Million Base. 5 Years 68.6 Million

Ahkkello Witherspoon - Follows Saleh from SF. Decent Depth. 3.5 Million Base 4 Years 14.0 Million

Draft (Used PFN Draft Simulator):

Round 1: Trades #2 to CIN for #5, #38, 2022 1st & 3rd. / Then Trades #5 to DEN for #9 and #40

Pick #9 - Devonta Smith - WR - He's not falling to #9 but WHAT A PICK if he does.

Pick #23 - Jaycee Horn - CB - Another Wow if he falls to #23. We do not hesitate.

Round 2: Trades #38 to DET for #41 & 2022 3rd

Pick #34 - Kadarius Toney - WR - Spark Plug and Fast.

Pick #40 - Asante Samuel Jr - CB - Rebuild this DBs room once again. good value at this pick.

Pick #41 - Patrick Jones - EDGE - Need. May not him but we need a body at edge.

Round 3:

Pick #66 - Creed Humphrey - OL Depth

Pick # 86 - Chuba Hubbard - RB Room Depth

Round 4: Trades #99 & #215 to HOU for #101 and #165

Pick #101 - Abraham Lucas - OL - Depth

Round 5:

Pick #131 - Victor Dimukje - Edge - Depth

Pick #139 - Garret Wallow - LB - Depth

Round 6:

Pick #163 - Trill Williams - CB - Come on. That Name alone.

Pick #165 - Trevon Grimes - WR - Depth

Moral of the Story is Surround SAM DARNOLD WITH WEAPONS AND PROTECTION. Let's see what happens.

I know Saleh is a Defense guy but I think we overload on offense and Let Saleh build up what we got to get the best out of them.

if anyone is going to do it. Saleh might be the one.

Till Then.



*btw* Love and welcome all trashing of the above. It's my view and wish. but i just want to see this team win finally.


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