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Update: Robert Saleh Still in the Building, Signs Point to it Getting Done.

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at San Francisco 49ers Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday the Jets flew 49’ers DC Robert Saleh into the complex for a second interview. He arrived late in the day and stayed for several hours.

Overnight I was glued to my phone waiting for that confirmation that the Jets have hired Saleh to be their next head coach, it never came.

It was all quiet this morning, but Ian Rapoport just confirmed that the Jets were continuing the interview today with Saleh set to meet ownership:

If all goes well today, then I wouldn’t be surprised to see an announcement in hours. The simple fact is he’s a man in demand and if you like him, you don’t let him leave the facility until he’s signed the contract.

The Jets haven’t announced that they are flying any other candidates in (yet), and they would have to play the waiting game for any candidates whose team are still involved in the playoffs. So Daboll, Bieneny, Glenn and Staley are all unavailable until after their games this weekend. If they like Saleh, they can’t afford to wait that long.

Update: Ian Rapoport has just been on NFL Network to confirm that Saleh is still meeting with the Jets and all signs are pointing to him as the next coach of the NY Jets.