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Eagles Fire Doug Pederson; Will He Become a Candidate for Jets Head Coach?

Super Bowl LII - Philadelphia Eagles v New England Patriots Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The Eagles have fired head coach Doug Pederson.

Pederson has a history with Jets general manager Joe Douglas. Douglas worked in the Philadelphia front office before coming to the Jets.

There were a few rumors on Sunday about the Jets and Eagles potentially working out a trade involving the coach, but those never made much sense. There was no need for the Jets to give up compensation since it seemed like Philadelphia was on the verge of firing its coach.

There seems to be a large contingent of Jets fans who are adamantly opposed to the potential hiring of Pederson, and I’m having a difficult time understanding why.

I’m not saying Pederson needs to be the clear frontrunner for the job. He has his flaws, and his 2020 season was miserable.

That said, there is a track record of success, and much of the dysfunction in Philadelphia seemed beyond his control. He also is taking a bizarre amount of criticism for pulling starters in a meaningless Week 17 game. A year ago I think most Jets fans would have been thrilled to have Pederson. How much does one bad year matter in the grand scheme of things?

How seriously the Jets will consider Pederson seems to vary depending on the media member you speak with.