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Jets Secure 23rd Overall Selection in the 2021 NFL Draft

NFL: Combine Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Despite the Jets not having played a single down this weekend, it’s been a great slate of games for the men in green.

When Jamal Adams was sent to Seattle for multiple first-round picks (I still can’t believe that Joe Douglas got multiple firsts for a box safety who struggles in coverage), it was logical to consider that both those picks would be in the high 20’s if not early 30’s. The Seahawks picked #27 in 2020, #29 in 2019 and #27 in 2018.

However as Seattle were sent packing on Saturday by the LA Rams, followed by the Browns shocking the Steelers in Pittsburgh on Sunday, the Seahawks’ 2021 first-round pick has been slotted in at #23.

Which means the Jets now own selections #2, #23 and #34 in the 2021 NFL Draft, a draft that is absolutely stacked with talent.

Now you may think that picking #23, as opposed to #29, isn’t that important, but that could be the difference between getting a good offensive lineman and getting a potential #1 corner or wide receiver.

There will be talent available up and down the first round, but there will be considerably more top-end talent to choose from at #23 than there would be at #29. It also increases the value of that selection if the Jets felt like they wanted to deal it to pick up further draft capital in the 2nd/3rd round, although I’m certainly not saying I’d favour that.