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Jets Training Camp Is Over

New York Jets Training Camp Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Jets training camp officially ended at the conclusion of yesterday’s practice.

It was certainly a unique training camp. Head coach Adam Gase revealed yesterday that the Jets actually lived out of a hotel close to the team facility.

I might be the only person in the world interested in such things, but I’ve been intrigued in recent years by whether teams go away for training camp or conduct it at their own facility.

A lot of coaches have talked through the years about the positive impact of being together on the road as a team.

At the same time it has always struck me as a bit ridiculous that a team would spend tens of millions of dollars on a state of the art training facility and then train for the season at a small college. I wonder whether we will see the Jets take this approach in future years. It seems like it combines the best of both worlds.

Either way, this was a training camp where the Jets were hit by injury after injury. Hopefully they got all of the injuries out of the way in training camp and will have better luck in the regular season.

Next up come the cuts.