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Gang Green Nation Highlight Reel

NFL: New York Jets-Training Camp Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

Our readers’ and writers’ contributions to this site are a major reason why Gang Green Nation is the best Jets blog in the history of Jets blogs. No contribution, big or small, should go unnoticed. That’s why we’ll highlight some of the best comments and FanPosts on a weekly basis.

Without further ado, I bring to you, Gang Green Nation’s Highlight Reel for the past week:

Top Fanposts:

2021 Draft Scouting Resolution

victormonfrey offers an idea to assist with NFL scouting during uncertain times.

Top Comments:

On the Kalen Ballage trade

In the world of making sense, this move does not exist.

I know it probably amounts to nothing but why is Douglas even wasting brain power on this? You drafted a RB, you have an overpriced RB in his prime, you have a HOF RB on his last tour and a few other guys in the RB room, what is the point of this nonsense?


On the GM and HC being on different pages:

The differing needs of the GM and HC

Thinking about this as it compared to the situation in 2013. In each case, the Jets had effectively a first year GM who had plenty of long term leeway and did not need to win right away - but had HCs who were on the hot seats and did need to win right away. Well, too bad for the HCs in these cases. Like Idzik, Douglas made all long term moves this Offseason, and avoided adding any big 2020 impact players. Good news for the long term chances of the franchise. But bad news for the 2020 results - and for the 2020 HCs. Difference is some fans still had sympathy with Ryan in 2013 and felt he got screwed over. No fans have any sympathy for the HC this year, and good riddance to him anyway. Looking past all these incidental issues, though, and the larger issue becomes: Why does this Team so often find itself with Executives that have different agendas? I think the Johnsons get blamed for a lot of stuff here which is unfair. But the fact is that they have failed at their most important task as it relates to this team: Finding an effective Executive Pair at HC and GM who are on the same page. It would have been easier for them to find a Football Boss and thereby eliminate all these issues. But they never did that either.

-Broadway Jose

On Joe Douglas:

these fans that knock Gase and Douglas had no clue what a terrible GM fat Mac was and the collection of garbage he accumulated the last 5 years here. they still don’t. That Gase coached this team to a 7-9 record was nothing short of miraculous. and if he coaches the team to another 7-9 that would be Miraculous as well. ditto for what he did in Miami coaching a .500 record on a team that was a disaster before he got there and has been a disaster after he left. Douglas was a head scout and assistant GM on 2 super bowl winning teams. It was a major major coup by Gase and Chris Johnson to land him. but he is only one year into a monumental rebuilding job because virtually every player fat Mac left him is suspect in one way or the other. so he had to start with an empty slate save Adams and Darnold. two players! on a football team. This is not a basketball team where two players account for 40% of the team in action. These guys that dish on Gase and Douglas need a very very strong sedative so they can endure. It won’t change their lack of patience or lack of knowledge but at least it will help them endure.


On Adam Gase:

Getting Le’Veon in space

Obviously, Gase took a lot of criticism for Bell’s performance last year. Far more criticism than the player himself. It is somewhat refreshing to hear Gase freely admit that he didn’t do a good job with Bell last year. This article from Costello has fairly extensive quotes from Gase on how they are planning to change that - presumably by getting Bell more involved on the edges. Will it work? I don’t know, but it can hardly be worse. Gase’s reputation when he got here was that he was anti-media, that he would never admit mistakes, and that he was unapproachable. I really can’t find much evidence for these things so far here. To me, he seems pretty open and direct. Not saying he’s a perfect head coach or anything like that, but some of these intangible issues that he is widely criticized for seem a bit off.

-Broadway Jose

On Ashtyn Davis:

Ashtyn Davis doesn’t own a car. Usually, the first thing these kids do when they become millionaires is buy a car and a house. Not Davis. He said he usually takes a 15 minute walk to camp or grabs the bus.


On whether or not the Jets should sign Mohamed Sanu:

Sign Sanu! Over the past 5 years, his catch percentage has never dipped below 66%. He seems to rarely get injured. Just seems like a reliable player, something the Jets sorely lack especially at receiver


Pessimistic assessment: Sanu signs with the Jets & immediately gets injured. So let’s just replace the strength & conditioning coach please.


On what moves the Jets should make prior to the season:

Last minute Grabs:

Yes to Hauscka No to Sanu Trade for Hakeem Butler... See if A 5th will get it done, that said I’d send a 4th no problem


On the outlook of the 2020 season:

A few thoughts heading into the 2020 season..

This whole season starts and ends with the QB. I do think his value is a bit underrated by several sites rankings / grading systems etc. based solely on the fact that his overall grades and statistics are dragged down by a couple horrendous (hopefully outlier) performances (2018: CLE, MIA, MIN 2019: JAX, NE). If he can turn the historically ugly games into average or even below average, I think he can be a damn good QB, especially as we add more talent around him, and Sam playing a full 16 games. The HC: Gase takes a lot of blame on this site, and from Jet fans in general. I don’t think he’s a great coach, but I don’t think the amount of criticism he receives is warranted either. At the end of the day, the players we have stink, and you need good players to win (duh). Only a select few HC’s might get a little more out of this roster than your normal run-of-the-mill HC. With that said, I do think Sam and this HC are tied together. Very rarely does a young QB get a chance with 3 different head coaches. The GM: Douglas miserably failed at supporting our young QB, especially at the WR position. Perriman has been injured his entire career, banking on him performing as a WR1 and playing a full 16 games is just not smart. A late 2nd round pick as you’re other starting WR? Man, this is not eliminating question marks. The offensive line cannot be any worse than last season, so that’s a plus. Does everyone like his draft? Yeah, we’ll see, who knows with rookies. Everyone says “Douglas has a plan.” Every GM’s plan is to build through the draft. Let’s see if he can follow through. Basically blind faith at this point. I guess at least he’s stockpiling dart throws. My prediction is we surprise a bit banking on health. We won 7 games with quite literally the worst offensive line I’ve ever seen in my life. What was it? 10 line combinations throughout the year? If that unit is better, I think the team will be. I could see the defense taking a step back and offense being marginally better. Think it results in 8 wins, with Gase & Sam both back next season.


Top GIF:

On the Jets taking a “good step” in Training Camp:



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