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Jets Week 3 Anti-Game Ball: Sam Darnold

New York Jets v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Bobby Ellis/Getty Images

The Jets lost on Sunday, which once again makes it our sad duty to hand out an anti-game ball.

This game was such a thorough domination that I easily could have given out a team anti-game ball, but I already did that Week 1 and could have done so again last week.

In general I try to avoid giving the anti-game ball to the quarterback. When a team loses, it’s obviously likely the quarterback played poorly and had a lot to do with it. The quarterback could probably reasonably be given the anti-game ball after most losses.

This wasn’t just a loss, though. Sam Darnold’s performance raised alarms throughout the fanbase. Even fans who had been optimistic about his potential are now worried about him after a three interception game.

Is the coaching staff destroying a talented quarterback? Is a lack of supporting talent preventing him from reaching his potential? Was he never that good to begin with?

At some point those answers cease to matter. The results are just ugly right now. Jets fans just have to hope these errors become less frequent, and the team figures out some way to start supporting him.