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Final Score: Colts 36, Jets 7

New York Jets v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Another game, another blowout loss. In the Jets’ third game of the 2020 season, on a bright and sunny September afternoon in Indianapolis, Indiana, the New York Jets lost to the Indianapolis Colts, 36 - 7.

With the Jets running an offense with three practice squad level receivers and two backup offensive tackles it was never going to be easy. The Jets let Sam Darnold throw the ball down the field more in this game, and it worked, to an extent, for a while. The Jets moved the ball well against an excellent Colts defense in the first half, but were hurt by two Sam Darnold interceptions, the first a pick six. When he wasn’t throwing interceptions, Darnold was quite good in the first half, scrambling effectively, finding the open man, and throwing a strike in the end zone to Braxton Berrios for a touchdown. The Jets defense played reasonably well in the first half as well, limiting the Colts offense to 10 points.

In the second half it was all Colts, as the Jets huge talent deficit caught up with them. The Colts shut the Jets out in the second half, Sam Darnold threw another pick six, and in general the Jets were simply not competitive. For the Jets to win this game they had to play from ahead, then hope for some breaks to go their way. Instead they got behind early with a pick 6 and the Colts got the turnovers. Once the Colts got going this was a total mismatch.

With the loss the Jets bring their record to 0 - 3 on the year, and already the fans are turning their attention to the 2021 NFL draft.

John will provide a more in depth recap of today’s game. In the meantime leave your comments on the game below.