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Brian Winters signs with the Bills

New York Jets v Miami Dolphins Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

The Jets released guard Brian Winters on Sunday. He didn’t have to wait very long to find a new team. The veteran lineman is staying in the AFC East after agreeing to terms with the Buffalo Bills.

Winters had been with the Jets since 2013 and was a starter for most of his Jets career. While he received praise for playing through injuries, his performance level was pretty low. In recent years he was part of some of the least effective offensive lines in football, frequently getting pushed around on the interior.

After starting guard John Feliciano suffered an injury that will cause him to miss time, Buffalo emerged as a logical landing spot for Winters.

The Jets and the Bills are scheduled to play Week 1. If I was Jets defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, I would plan on having Quinnen Williams line up on Winters’ outside shoulder for most of the game.