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Curtis Martin Shows His Appreciation for the Fans, Chats with Us About Pepsi Homegate

Getty Images for Pepsi

Recently Pepsi decided to help a diehard fan turn their yard into a place to have the ultimate tailgating experience. They picked a Jets fan named Cindy from Piscataway, New Jersey.

They provided her with a fully painted end zone, a lifesized team-branded Jet, a 65” flat screen TV; a stadium lot light tower, a Pepsi fridge, a brand new grill, a true-to-size stadium parking lot booth. It sounds like as close to a stadium tailgating experience as you can get without actually being at the stadium.

Cindy also got well wishes from Hall of Fame running back Curtis Martin.

After Curtis sent his message to Cindy, he joined me for a discussion. We talked about his appreciation for the fans, his current business ventures, how he would adjust his game if he played in today’s NFL, how he thinks players viewed the Jamal Adams situation, and his views on the Jets.